Lanyard Lovebirds Brand Reps!


    • Have a public and active Instagram account.
    • Genuine love, support, and enthusiasm for the products and the Lanyard Lovebirds brand.
    • Promote the brand and products on your own social media (Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok) at least 3x a week. Photos and videos must be clear. 
      • 1 Instagram post & 2 other post of your choice preferred. For example, Instagram story, Facebook post or story, TikTok.
    • Engage in Lanyard Lovebirds posts by liking and commenting. 
    • Must be 18+ years old.


    • We do NOT have a purchase requirement. Instead, we ask you to cover the shipping cost of your products. Lanyard Lovebirds will send the brand rep two (2) free items of their choice. Please share unboxing/ unbagging videos/ photos of your new Lanyard Lovebirds goodies. 
    • Each brand rep will be assigned their own 40% off coupon. This coupon code is for your use ONLY and can be used during the duration of the term. This is for you to purchase other Lanyard Lovebirds products that you would like. These products must also be promoted across your social media accounts. 
      • Sharing of your personal 40% coupon code will lead to an immediate withdrawal of your contract. 
    • A unique 20% off coupon code & link will be assigned to you to give to your followers, friends, and family. 
    • At the end of month, the brand rep will be paid 10% of the sales brought in by their unique coupon code. 
    • Lanyard Lovebirds wants to support their brand reps! We will offer you lots of love and appreciation for your hard work. If you have a giveaway or an important post you would like us to repost, let us know! We are happy to spread the word and help however we can!

    Contract Period

    • If chosen as a Lanyard Lovebirds Brand Rep, the brand rep will participate for one month. If both parties desire to continue the contract after this period, the terms and conditions stand. 

    End of Contract 

    • We have the right to withdraw you from the contact at anytime, without question, if you are not abiding by the terms and conditions.